Frequently Asked Questions

1. Two Caring Hands seems like a good choice. What's the next step?

       The next step is to contact our office by phone or email and  a representative of Two Caring Hands will schedule to meet with you and your loved one free of  charge.

2.  I do not have any insurance. Can I still qualify for these services?

        In most cases you can receive these services free of charge with Medicaid. However, you must meet the following requirements:

  •           Be a resident of the state you reside in.
  •           Meet the financial requirements to receive Medicaid as determine by Division of Family and Children Services
  •           Meet the medical criteria for level 1 nursing facility care. (Your doctor can provide you with this information)
  •           Be able to receive services in the home at a cost less than that of institutional care.
  •           Have an identified caregiver (family member) available to assure your health, safety, and welfare.

                       A representative can at Two Caring Hands can assist you with this process.

 3. How do you screen your caregivers for employment?
      Two Caring  Hands  does extensive background checks to ensure that your loved one is safe and protected from any harm. We complete the following checks on all employees prior to employment:

  • Intense Interview Sessions
  • Felony Offender Registry
  • Abuse Registry
  • Out of State Probation and Parole Registry
  • Criminal/Misdemeanor State & Nationwide screenings
  • OIG Fraud Prevention and Detection Search
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • Drivers License Check
  • Car Insurance Check

4. Do you provide transportation services?
       Yes. We provide transportation service based on individualized needs. Our Two Caring Hands representative can assess your transportation needs during the assessment process.

5. Can I choose the gender choice of my caregiver?
        Yes. You can and have the right to choose the gender of your caregiver.

6. Do I pay the caregiver directly?
      No. The caregiver will not receive any payment from you. All professionals are paid from Two Caring Hands. As an employer, all professionals are paid according to Federal Labor Laws to including all legal tax deductions.

7. Who monitors the caregiving provided to my loved one?
       All professionals are monitored on a monthly basis and as needed by the Quality Assurance Coordinator. The QA is responsible for ensuring that your  loved one is being served and supported while having the highest possible care.

8. I know a neighbor, church member, or family friend that could benefit from your services. How can I help them?
        You can contact our office and a representative can assist you with the process to get started.